Pancha Karma in soma

Pancha Karma in soma


A traditional Pancha Karma cure consists of 5 forms of treatment and is an extremely effective method of subjecting body, mind and soul to a profound and lasting purification and regeneration.

Pancha Karma in soma

Our Pancha Karma treatments are individually tailored to your needs by our Ayurvedic and spa doctor, Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger. The healing effects of the individual therapies build logically on each other and complement each other. The individual treatment steps systematically remove toxins and harmful substances stored in the body (such as heavy metals or acids). Read more about Pancha Karma here.

Individual therapy for your type

Every Ayurvedic treatment starts with an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and a detailed conversation to determine your constitution. This can be done in person or by (video) telephone. The treatments of a Pancha Karma cure can be adapted to you on the basis of your constitutional type as well as the existing clinical picture.
In our house we offer about 25 different treatments. For your individual Ayurveda cure, the suitable treatments will be put together for you personally. This means that every treatment in our house is unique.

Cures in Europe

We recommend that you take a detoxification cure in Europe. In our opinion, the advantages outweigh those of other countries.

    • no time difference to which the body has to adapt
    • familiar regional food
    • no language or cultural differences
    • continued care by the medical staff even after the stay
    • reliable hygiene standards
    • Familiar climatic conditions
    • short travel times
    • certainty of fair payment/working hours of the staff

 Holistic Wellbeing Day - Stay Healthy

Holistic Wellbeing Day - Stay Healthy

Do you also want to take care of your health in everyday life?
Don't underestimate the relaxing and beneficial effects of our treatments on your immune system. 

 Ayurveda & Golf

Ayurveda & Golf

For golf enthusiasts looking for peace and quiet who want to harmoniously combine sporting activity with Indian healing arts and a relaxing feel-good program.



Special features in soma

Our entire house is built according to the rules of Vedic architecture (Vastu - Maharishi Stapatyaveda). As far as possible, the building materials used were sourced regionally. Most of the wood comes from Dr. Schachinger's own forest, other wood grew in the neighbouring Kobernaußerwald.

The furnishing of the hotel rooms comes from the company Team7 - Natürlich wohnen. Team7 manufactures solid wood furniture from local woods in Upper Austria. Our beds are metal-free - for a particularly restful sleep.

The meals offered in the kitchen are freshly prepared for you and are mostly organic and sourced regionally whenever possible.

The combination of Maharishi Ayurveda, healing water treatments and modern medicine is unique, the medical supervision makes the difference to frequently offered Ayurvedic wellness treatments.

What can you expect?

    • Stay in a peaceful environment free of harmful substances
    • Detoxification of mind and body
    • Arrival in the here and now
    • light nutrition
    • plenty of rest and relaxation
    • Detachment from everyday life at work and problems at home
    • If desired, a new beginning, a new start in health