Ayurveda cure - My regeneration

Ayurveda cure - My regeneration

Ayurveda cure - My regeneration

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A traditional Pancha Karma cure consists of 5 treatments and is an extremely effective method to subject body, mind and soul to a deep and lasting purification and regeneration.

Every Ayurvedic cure starts with an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and a detailed conversation to determine the constitution. This can be done in person or by (video) telephone. Based on this, your personal treatment plan is determined.

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All oils and herbal essences used during the cure are made from precious ingredients and are medicinally prepared in the in-house oil kitchen especially for your treatment and on the doctor's instructions. The aim is to eliminate the toxins dissolved in the body through the treatments by means of the medicated oils through appropriate applications.

The ingredients of the oils penetrate the skin and cells to nourish them. Tension and stress are released. In order to achieve an ideal cure, our massages are carried out in silence. The treatments are individually adapted to you based on your constitutional type as well as the existing clinical picture.

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Selected treatments are carried out by two therapists in unison and synchronously. As a guest, you will only be treated by a therapist of the same sex.


  • Price valid from 01.09.2023
    € 4.107,-

The following services are included in this price:

  • 1 Pre-cure medical consultation
  • 3-7 days pre-treatment at home including preparations and treatment
  • 1 royal full body oil infusion - Pizichilli
  • 1 deep synchronous massage - Vishesh
  • 2 synchronous full body treatment - Abhyanga
  • 1 head drainage - Nasya
  • 4 nourishing clysms - Matra Basti
  • 1 draining klysma - Shodana Basti
  • 2 oil forehead casts - Shirodhara
  • 1 heat application with steam - Bashpa Svedana
  • heat applications in the tub - Avagahan Svedana
  • 1 Marma energy treatment à 45 min
  • 5 daily medical consultations
  • 6 nights (Sun-Sat) in a Vastu Standard double room - Junior Suite available at an extra charge
  • All Inclusive board - full board
  • daily thermal water drinking cure
  • 1 yoga session
  • 1 Vedic organ harmonisation
  • 1 Final consultation with medical health and nutrition advice for lasting success of the cure

Group meditations take place in the house, if you are interested please ask at the reception. You can attend the lectures held in the house free of charge.

*Prices per person incl. VAT, excl. tourism tax. Changes to the treatment plan are charged according to expenditure. Food supplements and medicines are not included in the price of the cure.


Slags and toxins accumulate over time in the connective tissue and lymph (Meha Dhatu and Rasa Dhatu). The longer they remain there, the more firmly they adhere. For detoxification to be efficient, the deposited and encrusted toxins must be released from the tissues. This is what the pre-cure is for, consisting of a light diet, hot water cure, herbal remedies and ghee to remove fat-soluble toxins. You can do the pre-cure at home, accompanied by our medical staff.

Pizzichilli - Royal Full Body Oil Infusion

This "royal full body treatment" involves a gentle synchronous massage under flowing, warm herbal oil. Due to the even warmth of the flowing oil, the toxins in the body are dissolved and eliminated during the massage through stimulated sweating. Through this application, there is very good success with, among other things, joint diseases and muscle tension.

Vishesh - Deep Synchro Massage

A Vishesh is a full-body treatment that is applied with increased pressure. It serves to deeply relax the muscles and stimulates the blood circulation in the tissues. The Vishesh massage is also performed synchronously by two therapists.

Abhyanga - full body treatment

An Abhyanga is a customized, synchronous full body treatment, which is performed in six different positions. This extremely soothing and gentle treatment happens in silence and at the same time removes the toxins and harmful substances from the body tissues that have been moved by previous measures. Abhyanga is performed synchronously by two therapists.

Nasya - head drainage

Sinusitis, memory disorders, migraine, annoying ear noises or dry nasal mucous membranes are problem situations that can be improved by Nasya. A Nasya treatment is a combination of head, face and neck massage, inhalation, warm wraps and head drainage through the administration of medicated nasal oil. This application is very effective as the Nasya has a direct effect on the central nervous system, which improves the interaction of psyche and mind and can also improve the quality of sleep.

Basti - Nourishing and expelling enemas

Clysms are one of the five classical Ayurvedic purgative therapies. These have a very great significance in balancing the doshas. Clysms (therapeutic enemas) can have a cleansing, soothing or nourishing effect, depending on the medical indication.

Shirodhara - forehead casting

An Ayurvedic forehead cast - Shirodhara is a treatment in which an evenly flowing jet of oil is slowly passed back and forth on the forehead for about 20 minutes. This treatment is carried out in absolute silence. Deep relaxation, calmness and balance usually result.

Svedana - Herbal Steam Bath

Herbal steam baths with selected medicinal herbs are regularly prescribed to support the purification process during a cure.

Thermal water

We prescribe two treatments with our thermal water. Drinking cures and baths. Our thermal water, recognised as a healing resource, contains sodium carbonate, magnesium and other minerals. This makes it ideal for treating hyperacidity caused by stress and chronic diseases.

Marble treatment

On the surface of the body there are areas (marma "points") that direct the flow of energy (prana) in our body. Stress, scars and toxins can block the flow of energy, resulting in chronic, often very painful illnesses. Our Maharishi Ayurveda "Sukshma" Marma treatments open blocked Marmas through gentle applications. These treatments can be used both preventively and for existing ailments.

Vastu Room - Our Building Biology

Our entire building is of high quality construction biology. We have used only natural building materials without toxic additives and shielded all sources (EMS). As far as possible, the building materials used were sourced regionally (the wood, for example, comes from Dr. Schachinger's forest). The room furnishings come from the company Team7 - Naturally Living, which also produces from local woods in Upper Austria. Our beds were made without metal. In addition to the use of organic materials, the entire house and all rooms are structured according to the rules of Vedic architecture (Vastu - Maharishi Stapatyaveda). This creates a high energetic value of the living feeling.

Catering in soma-med - All Inclusive

The right diet is essential for the success of an Ayurvedic cleansing cure. We provide you with high-quality food that comes from (regional) organic farming. The right preparation makes the high-quality raw materials not only a delight for the palate, but also valuable building blocks for your body. Your diet is adapted in each case to your personal needs and daily to the phase of the cure. Our all-inclusive package covers all meals, teas and medicinal herbal decoctions.