Holistic Wellbeing Day - Stay Healthy

Holistic Wellbeing Day - Stay Healthy

Holistic Wellbeing Day - Stay Healthy

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Do you also want to take care of your health in everyday life?
Don't underestimate the relaxing and beneficial effects of our treatments on your immune system. 

Recurring impulses are desirable. The aim is to strengthen body and mind for everyday life and to reduce tension and stress.

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"Stay healthy" includes a soothing synchronous full body massage, an oil forehead pour for deep relaxation, a nutritious Ayurvedic lunch, Vedic organ harmonisation and a doctor's consultation in the office.


  • Price valid from 01.09.2023
    € 477,-

The following services are included in this price:

  • 1 day in soma as an outpatient

  • Full body synchronous massage - Abhyanga

  • Oil forehead cast - Shirodhara

  • medical pulse diagnosis, 10 minutes

  • Ayurvedic lunch in the in-house restaurant

  • 1 Vedic organ harmonisation


*Prices per person incl. VAT, excl. tourism tax. Changes to the treatment plan will be charged at cost. Food supplements and medicines are not included in the price of the cure.

Abhyanga - full body treatment

An Abhyanga is a customized, synchronous full body treatment, which is performed in six different positions. This extremely soothing and gentle treatment happens in silence and at the same time removes the toxins and harmful substances from the body tissues that have been moved by previous measures. Abhyanga is performed synchronously by two therapists.

Shirodhara - forehead casting

An Ayurvedic forehead cast - Shirodhara is a treatment in which an evenly flowing jet of oil is slowly passed back and forth on the forehead for about 20 minutes. This treatment is carried out in absolute silence. Deep relaxation, calmness and balance usually result.