Water from the Dreikönigsquelle Haag

Drinking cure

Drinking cure

Drinking cure

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The thermal healing water from the Dreikönigsquelle used in our house has a general deacidifying effect due to its hydrogen carbonate content and also promotes the health of skin, bones, tendons, ligaments and teeth due to the silicon it contains. Because of its fluorine content, a drinking cure is also indicated for the supportive treatment of osteoporosis.

It is also very well suited for

  • For the supportive treatment of functional diseases of the stomach and upper small intestine, for irritable stomach and for the supportive treatment of chronic recurrent ulcer disease (ulcers of the stomach or duodenum);
  • for adjunctive treatment in diabetes mellitus;
  • for the prophylaxis and metaphylaxis (prevention and after-treatment) of urinary stones that precipitate in acidic urine
  • for the supportive treatment of chronic urinary tract infections (with the exception of Escherichia coli infections)
  • for hyperuricaemia (increased uric acid) and gout as an adjunctive treatment.

The healing water of the Dreikönigsquelle also contains higher amounts of silicon in the form of m-silicic acid. This mineral is considered the "element of stability and elasticity". It is an important building block for our connective tissue as well as our blood vessels and keeps these tissues stable and elastic. In some countries, drinking cures with water containing silicon are carried out for arteriosclerotic diseases for precisely this reason. 


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