The special thing about the "Ayurvedic diet" is the simple preparation, but with considerably more spices than you have probably used so far. Spices are the natural amplifiers of digestive power. They make food more digestible and less tiring. Our recipes are exclusively vegetarian (but not always vegan) with the aim that the food is light and easy to digest.

An Ayurvedic meal ideally contains all 6 flavours. So sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and tart.

The main meal should be eaten at midday. During a detox you should avoid raw food, in everyday life Ayurveda recommends a maximum of 10-20% raw food per meal, depending on the eater and the time of day and year.

For a meal to be truly complete, it should contain grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits (possibly in the form of a chutney), plenty of spices and some yoghurt or thin lassi.

Enjoy cooking!