Medical gymnastics on the trampoline for osteoporosis and pelvic floor

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With momentum against osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease of the bones in which bone density decreases. It usually affects older people, especially women after the menopause. 

Osteoporosis causes more unstable bones, which is why the risk of injury is significantly higher for those affected. For many patients, the fear of falling, insecurity in everyday life, back pain and deterioration of posture, which can lead to severe pain, increase. 

However, avoiding movement is the wrong way to go!

Training on the trampoline is ideal for this:

If you are fit and move, you not only prevent bone loss, but can even stop it.

Gymnastics on the trampoline:

  • Strengthens your bones, intervertebral discs & spine
  • Easy on the joints
  • Muscle building training: The training activates over 400 muscles. 
  • Coordination & balance training
  • Body fat reduction

Easy living with a strong core

The pelvic floor supports the holding muscles of the spine and is thus also responsible for back and torso stability. Weakness of the pelvic floor or urinary incontinence, for a variety of reasons, can make everyday situations much more difficult. 

No more worrying about whether your bladder will hold? 

Even with light exercises on the trampoline, you can effectively train your pelvic floor and counteract incontinence. Experience a very special kind of training with lots of fun and shared motivation. 

Everyone trains on their own trampoline, with motivating music and lots of fun.

Suitable for everyone, book your trampoline now.

Trial guests are always welcome. 

With fitbyjulia

Julia Bichler

  • Dipl. nutrition trainer
  • Dipl. fitness & health trainer
  • Dipl. health & nurse
  • Jumping instructor


every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:15 pm


Max. 10 participants per evening. Reserve your trampoline in time. Those who purchase a 10+1 block will receive a fixed place. 


  • 19 € for one unit
  • 190 € for 10 unit block + 11th unit free + free lecture Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

Please bring along:

  • drinking bottle
  • sportswear
  • sports indoor shoes
  • small towel


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from 29. March 2023 18:30 Uhr
from 05. April 2023 18:30 Uhr

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