2 new female doctors


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

2 new female doctors

It is with great pleasure that we inform you about the additions to the Dr. Schachinger practice team. Dr. Barbara Steger, general practitioner and Ayurveda doctor in training, joined us two months ago. Before studying medicine, she worked as a midwife and was most recently the responsible infectiologist at the hospital in Wels. In addition to her hospital work, she has successfully completed training in orthomolecular medicine in recent years. She is currently completing her diploma training in Maharishi Ayurveda pulse diagnosis and phytotherapy at the German Ayurveda Academy. Women's health is an important concern for her.

Since the beginning of January, Dr. Agrima Awasthi from Noida, India, has joined our team. She studied Ayurvedic medicine and worked as a ward physician at the Maharishi Ayurveda Clinics in Delhi and Rishikesh. In her 7 years of professional experience, she has gained a great deal of experience in accompanying and treating outpatients and inpatient Pancha Karma therapies. With her vast academic knowledge and rich experience in Maharishi Ayurveda, she will greatly enrich the treatment success with Ayurvedic therapies at soma. She will be with us until 15 March and will be available for individual consultations.

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