Interview with Annemarie Duringer

Interview with Annemarie Duringer


Interview with Annemarie Duringer

Interview with Annemarie Duringer

Annemarie DuringerWhat are you doing in soma?

I am an Ayurveda therapist.

How long have you been working in soma/at Dr. Schachinger?

Since 18 years.

What is your favorite treatment?

I prefer to give all gentle treatments such as the Marma therapy, the royal Pizzichilli (full body oil pour) and the Abhyanga.

Abhyanga means "loving hands" in Sanskrit. Why? Imagine lying on a massage table in a warm, comfortable room, closing your eyes and being massaged synchronously (right and left) by 4 tender hands. Beginning on the feet with lots of warm, fragrant sesame oil, the massage movements run in strokes along the legs, circling around the joints, so that a pleasant, secure feeling spreads through you that you may not have experienced before. Over the abdomen, chest, up to the neck, down to the arms, over the entire back, experience this synchronous treatment as if only one person with 4 hands were working on you. This special form of massage puts you in a deep state of rest, which is like meditation. The special thing about the Abhyanga is the synchronous massages with 4 hands. In the beginning the mind tries to observe the 4 hands what they are doing, the mind may succeed with 2 hands but not with 4. So gradually the mind gives up, the thoughts disappear and often patients transcend into this deep inner stillness or silence. Not only is the nervous system shut down, both hemispheres of the brain are connected and the self-healing powers are activated. Yes it is a heavenly experience!

What do you enjoy about treating?


During an Abhyanga massage, I, as a therapist, can also empathize with this pleasant, relaxed feeling of the patient and so it is a special experience in this quiet connection of 3 people, patient and 2 therapists, to be able to work continuously for an hour.

What changes can you see in the spa guests when they are with us?

Sometimes on the first day I observe restlessness and stress among the spa guests, drawn from everyday life. After a week of treatment, the patients are completely centered again, completely at home with themselves, they radiate contentment and relaxation and have bright eyes and a smile on their faces. Yes, this one week is much more than a little massage and a little steam bath. It sets in motion a process that takes people out of their no longer healthy rhythm and onto a higher, healthier, far more comfortable level that enables people to improve their lives.

Have you noticed any personal changes in yourself since you have been working here?

My personal changes through the many years as an Ayurveda therapist reflect increasing sensitivity and constant health awareness.

Many people are afraid of enemas because they are very intimate. Can you tell us about your experiences or explain what happens here during the cure?

I can briefly summarize my experience with enemas. After the first enema has been administered, which takes only a few minutes and is extremely gentle, patients often comment, "Was that it? I didn't notice anything."

From a therapeutic point of view, enemas are particularly valuable. The oily enema is particularly nourishing, soothing and completely harmless. You don't even have to go to the toilet afterwards. The small amount of oil sometimes stays in the intestines throughout the day and you hardly feel anything of it. The laxative enema has the purpose of intensive intestinal cleansing, which also has a strong influence on the entire psyche, because a lot of pent-up pressure and tension and fears evaporate through the emptying of the intestines. A very liberating application, even the favorite treatment of some spa guests.


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