Thermal baths in soma


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

Thermal baths in soma

Spas have a great tradition in Austria. Not least the emperor and his family sought out places with healing springs for their summer retreats in order to regenerate.

The healing water of soma comes from the "Dreikönigsquelle" Haag am Hausruck. The name comes from the fact that on 6 January 1993, deep drilling near the planned Golfhotel Haag made a discovery. At a depth of approx. 2000m, hot water was encountered, which initially attracted attention due to its high temperature and sulphurous smell.

Analyses of the water were soon carried out, which showed that the thermal water of the Dreikönigsquelle could be classified as healing water. In the balneo-medical report by Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl, the characteristics of the healing water were defined as "sodium hydrogen carbonate chloride mineral thermal spring". According to the expert opinion, the healing water works via thermal stimuli, via the absorption of water and the substances dissolved in water through the skin. Furthermore, substances deposited in the skin can be dissolved by thermal water and thus favourably influence the skin's metabolism. All this has an effect on the whole organism.

soma was built on a plot of land about 2km as the crow flies from the deep borehole of the Dreikönigsquelle. The pipeline leading from the borehole to the centre of Geboltskirchen runs directly along the soma property. In 2003, this property was chosen because it allows direct access to the thermal water and also meets all the quality criteria of Vedic architecture (Maharishi Sthapatja Veda).

For thousands of years the water has been stored at a depth of 2000m at a temperature close to 100°C, completely unaffected by pollution or other stimuli. Water has the ability to store qualities of the immediate environment. Our water has stored warmth, stillness and valuable deacidifying minerals. These qualities are directly transferred to our patients when we use it. Very often we hear of surprising improvements in long-lasting complaints after one or a few thermal baths.

Healing indications for bath cures with mineral thermal waters

According to balneomedical expert opinion, bathing cures with mineral thermal waters can be carried out for the following illnesses:

  • Chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Post-traumatic damage to the musculoskeletal system;
  • Paralysis of various origins;
  • Neurovegetative regulatory disorders;
  • Functional cardiovascular diseases;
  • Neuralgia;
  • Complaints of old age;

In our experience, chronic skin diseases (neurodermatitis/eczema, psoriasis) also respond very well to thermal water treatments.

In soma, the thermal water is used for tub baths, steam baths, inhalations and drinking cures. Most treatments are carried out in conjunction with a series of Ayurvedic treatments. Heat applications in the form of tub or steam baths and inhalations are important components of the Pancha Karma purification cure.

The basic formula of the Ayurvedic "Pancha Karma" cleansing cure is: Snehana (oiling) - Swedana (overheating) - Shodana (elimination). After the external oil applications, usually in the form of synchronous full-body massages performed by two therapists, a bath or steam bath with our healing water dissolves the waste products (ama) particularly thoroughly. These thermal water treatments have a deeply relaxing effect.

Mr. Günter L. reports: "I had had stiff and painful finger joints for months. It was not possible to close my fists completely. Already after the first bath I noticed that my fingers became much more flexible again. After a week of treatment, I was pain-free and could close my fist completely."

Our spa guest Mrs. F. has been suffering from a chronic rheumatic disease for several years. Especially the knee joints are usually very swollen and painful. "Already during the first thermal bath after my wonderful oil massage the swelling in my knees decreased, after a few days I was pain-free."

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