Vital substance analysis - the key to individual prevention

Vital substance laboratory - whole blood analysis

Vital substance analysis - the key to individual prevention

Vital substance laboratory - whole blood analysis

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Since a screening examination in Austria only includes a few blood values, we usually determine supplementary values. They are important for maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Depending on the complaints, which we work out together in an initial consultation, we often take additional blood values. One example is the hormones, which are important messengers for metabolism and energy.

But even this is not enough for optimal preventive medicine.

Vital substance analysis - the key to individual prevention

We can carry out a particularly thorough diagnosis so that you know your individual supply status of micronutrients. That is why we recommend a vital substance analysis in whole blood to all our patients in addition to the preventive medical check-up.

Even a latent undersupply of nutrients can impair physiological processes. For example, you may experience reduced performance or poor concentration, increased susceptibility to infections, increased fatigue and much more.

Whole blood analysis as a prerequisite for substitution

For a balanced, healthy and happy life with good performance, we should ensure that there is an optimal supply of micronutrients in our body.

However, an uncontrolled supply of nutrients is by no means advisable. Before anything is added, one must make sure what exactly the body needs and what it already has enough of.

For this purpose, a well-founded diagnosis should always be carried out. A detailed micronutrient analysis in the whole blood combined with a preventive examination serves as the basis for this diagnosis.

The following values are examined during our laboratory tests

  • Blood count
  • Blood lipids (detailed lipid analysis)
  • Blood sugar
  • Liver and kidney values
  • Micronutrients (minerals) in whole blood
  • Vitamins
  • Hormones (stress and gonadal hormones)

The blood tests of the screening examination, which are paid for by the health insurance companies, can be part of the analysis.

In addition to the blood test, the urine is also examined.

If you are interested in a preventive medical check-up and extended diagnostics including whole blood analysis, please feel free to make an appointment for an initial consultation.


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