Philosophy and definition

What is soma

Philosophy and definition

What is soma


With somamed - the center for Maharishi Ayurveda and holistic medicine, we create the ideal environment for health, vitality, regeneration and joy of life. Through the worldwide unique combination of ancient Ayurveda, traditional healing water treatments from the local thermal spring and scientifically based modern medicine. This project is the fulfillment of our idea of a healing art suitable for human beings, with which we would like to accompany all those who entrust themselves to us to health and well-being.

Health is our most valuable asset.

Living vitality makes the difference between a life of mediocrity or perfection.

My spiritual teacher and mentor Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inspired me to create Project somamed . - Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger


Where is soma located?

Where is soma located?

soma - our house is located in the small village of Geboltskirchen in Upper Austria. The village is surrounded by one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Central Europe, the Kobernaußer or Hausruck forest. The quiet location and slight slope offer a fantastic view of the scenic Hausruckviertel. When the sun is shining and the view is good, you can see as far as the Mühlviertel and Traunviertel and sometimes even as far as the Salzkammergut. 

The Hausruckviertel is a natural jewel and ideally suited for outdoor activities at any time of the year.

There are excellent cycling and hiking trails, an observation tower, a einen high ropes park and the ""Trail of the Senses" right on our doorstep. In summer, Geboltskirchen scores with a bathing lake and an 18-hole golf course in the immediate vicinity.

In winter, Geboltskirchen offers a well-maintained cross-country gespurte ski trail. Snowshoe hikes in one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Central Europe will enchant you.

We will be happy to advise you on site about the available excursion destinations. Please remember that you should not overexert yourself during the cure, but rather take moderate exercise.

so versatile, so unique, soma

What does soma mean?

"Making the unfinished perfect, Giving labours to man, Let heaven's rain pour, O soma!"!"

- RIK VEDA IX.39.2

soma is a term from Vedic literature. It describes the natural law that raises individual intelligence to the level of highest holistic development.

The moon, as a celestial body, represents the cooling and nourishing qualities of soma.

As a mystical medicinal plant in the Himalayas, soma has a medicinal reference.

For the fighter, soma revitalises the sunk courage; for the human being, it brings strength to life; it affects the inner being by enlightening and widening the seer's inner eye, which is searching for truth.

The effects of soma are physically strengthening, invigorating the heart and clarifying thoughts.

The people behind soma

soma is the lifelong dream of Dr Wolfgang Schachinger. Of course, no one can realise such a large and extensive project alone. In addition to our architect, the Schrattenecker family, and people on and around our large construction site, it is above all the family that is so important.

Wolfgang Schachinger
Gerda Schachinger
Sabrina Schachinger
Valeria Schachinger
Jana Schachinger

At soma , the Schachinger team is strongly represented. Wolfgang Schachinger is the head of the house. At his side is Gerda Schachinger, the good soul, all-rounder and manager of the Ayurveda shop.
Their three daughters Sabrina, Valeria and Jana are also on board. While Sabrina and Jana hold leading positions in the Ayurvedashop, Valeria works for us as a doctor.
In addition, we have so many great employees who actively support us every day.

We, the Schachinger family and all the soma staff, welcome you to our heartfelt project.


What you will find in our house

The globally unique soma project gracefully combines the best of the traditional Indian healing art of Ayurveda, the classical European thermal healing water cure and the achievements of modern medicine.

Many areas of health are combined in soma

You will find in our house: 

How soma came into being - History

How soma came into being - History

soma  is currently in the process of being built. However, the idea has been around for a very long time. Only the insiders around Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger know the whole story..

Therefore, we have decided to create a small history series and tell how this project came about.

Read more here

Building biology from soma

The ambience is of decisive importance for a good treatment outcome. That is why we attach great importance to ecological construction and a contemporary, bright, clear aesthetic - implemented with the natural materials wood, glass, brick and stone.

Our entire building has been designed to meet the highest building biology standards. We have used only natural building materials without toxic additives and shielded all sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMS).

As far as possible, the building materials used were sourced regionally. Most of the wood came from Dr. Schachinger's own forest; other wood grew in the neighbouring Kobernaußerwald. The company Reisecker took over the drying and processing of the wood. Our wood was felled in winter when the moon was waning. This gave the wood enough time to dry slowly and thoroughly.

The furnishings of the hotel rooms come from the ;company Team7 - Natürlich wohnen. Team7 manufactures solid wood furniture from local woods in Upper Austria. Our beds are metal-free - for a particularly restful sleep.

In addition to using organic building materials, we build in harmony with nature - according to the rules of Vedic architecture ((Vastu - Maharishi Stapatyaveda). This creates a high energetic value of the living feeling.

Transport connections from soma

Transport connections from soma

soma - our house is located in the small village of Geboltskirchen in Upper Austria, close to the Bavarian border.

  • Train::
    • Pram-Haag railway station 10 km
    • Railway station Grieskirchen-Gallspach 20 km
    • Railway station Ried im Innkreis 20 km
    • Train station Wels 40 km
  • Bus stop:
    • Geboltskirchen Teichweg 1,8 km
      Please check the timetable

  • Motorway:
    • A8 Innkreis motorway
    • Motorway exit Haag am Hausruck 5 km

  • Airports:
    • Linz 55 km
    • Salzburg 80 km
    • Munich 215 km
    • Vienna 260 km
  • soma Transfer:
    • Please contact us on +43 7732 455 76 40 should you require a chargeable transfer (Mon-Sun).

History of the municipality of Geboltskirchen

The area around the village of Geboltskirchen was already partially settled in the Stone Age and was heavily contested over the course of time due to its proximity to Bavaria.

"People also lived here in Celtic (around 400 BC) and Roman times (from 200 BC). The Romans built villas, roads and horse stations. The route of a Roman road overcame the eastern branch of the Hausruckwald and reached the basin of Geboltskirchen between the villages of Stein and Aigen, and to the west of it overcame the western branch of the Hausruckwald to Eberschwang."

Municipality of Geboltskirchen

At the end of the 18th century, brown coal was discovered in the Hausruck. At the end of the 19th century, extraction reached its peak. One third of the entire population at that time consisted of miners and their families. Traces of this period can still be seen today. Former mine entrances have been restored for the public and are preserved for viewing. Visit the Scheiben coal station and immerse yourself in the history of that time.