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Our Maharishi Ayurveda Herbal Detox Cure, which is structured according to the prescriptions of the classical Ayurvedic texts, can be carried out wonderfully and easily from home. The result: a profoundly beneficial cleansing.

This herbal detox cure combines three elements:

  1. A modification of the diet,
    to relieve the digestive system.
  2. The intake of herbal preparations,
    to strengthen the detoxification organs.
  3. Exercises from yoga and Ayurveda,
    to support the cleansing process

Use the biorhythm in a targeted way.

This cure uses the biorhythm of the organ times to effectively detoxify the body. Herbal preparations are specifically used during the different times of the day to activate the body's detoxification organs.

In a pilot study in Dr Schachinger's laboratory, improvements were measured in elevated blood sugar, cholesterol and blood fat levels, as well as in pathological inflammation and liver parameters.

The herbal detox cure lasts ten days. Easy-to-follow instructions and a professionally guided webinar will carry you through this time. Five exercises from Ayurveda and yoga provide an additional lasting effect.

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