Dr. Schachinger's office

Dr. Schachinger's office


We do not only care for our spa guests in our practice, but you are also welcome to an outpatient examination and treatment with us. Please make an appointment. You can do this by phone or by e-mail.

It is our concern to treat you with full attention and attentiveness.

Our diagnostic and therapeutic methods aim to improve or restore your vitality. Promoting health and happiness holistically is more important to us than an arduous struggle against ever-changing symptoms of illness or mental problems. We are happy to put our expertise in comprehensive integrative medicine, acquired over decades, to work for you: The best of East and West, Ayurveda and modern medicine, potentiated by the healing power of our thermal water from the Hague Three Kings Spring.

Please take your time for the examination and treatment in our house. Immerse yourself in the feeling of well-being, strength and health. Take advantage of our offers to get to know building blocks for a healthy life. Experience the 5 pillars of health in our house, which contributes to inner order and harmony through the application of Vedic architecture (Maharishi Sthapatya Veda) and building biology principles.

We look forward to working with you with one goal in mind: to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health and performance to the best of our knowledge.

so old, so new, soma.

soma med PRAXIS. With mindfulness we strengthen your health.

Practice for Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine - the best of East and West

Dr. Wolfgang and Dr.in Valeria Schachinger

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Every outpatient consultation includes an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and a detailed discussion for further diagnosis and therapy. Modern medical diagnostics can round off the results of the examination. At each consultation you will receive a concrete plan for home treatments or a recommendation for an inpatient or outpatient cure at our soma med house.

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