Guide for the visit to our practice

Practice procedure

Guide for the visit to our practice

Practice procedure

Appointments are best made by phone +43 7732 455 76 or by e-mail.

When you come to our practice for the first time, your data will first be recorded and we will ask you to fill out a short medical history form. Please take your e-card with you if you have one.

Each initial consultation in our practice begins with an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. We will then have a detailed discussion to work out your concerns, wishes, complaints and goals.

Based on the pulse diagnosis and the conversation, we will discuss our therapy suggestions with you. These include components from Ayurvedic medicine with recommendations on nutrition, appropriate cleansing procedures, lifestyle, exercise, individual phytotherapy and from orthomolecular medicine and, if necessary, also from conventional medicine.

After the initial consultation, we recommend a blood draw in most cases. The blood sampling includes a standard laboratory as in a preventive medical check-up and additionally, depending on the symptoms, a determination of specific vital substances by means of whole blood analysis as well as the determination of certain hormones.

Follow-up appointment

At the next appointment, we will discuss your current well-being and the changes that have occurred since your last visit. Which recommendations you can easily integrate into your everyday life and where perhaps a change in therapy is still necessary.

In addition, a detailed discussion of the findings takes place with an explanation of the individual laboratory parameters from the blood analysis with the vital substance laboratory.

We use our knowledge from orthomolecular medicine for this. Depending on the results of the vital substance analysis, we recommend how you can compensate for vital substance deficiencies in a targeted and meaningful way.  Orthomolecular therapy can take the form of taking the nutrients, usually in capsule form, or as infusion therapy.

If the problem is a hormonal imbalance, then in addition to Ayurvedic and orthomolecular medicine, we also often use therapy with bioidentical hormones in ointment form.

Depending on the well-being or symptoms, we will arrange further follow-up appointments.

The frequency of blood analysis is very individual.

However, we recommend that all our patients have a detailed blood analysis with a vital substance laboratory at least once a year, in the interest of maintaining good health.