Craniosacral Bodywork

Craniosacral Bodywork

Craniosacral Bodywork

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What is Craniosacral Bodywork?

Some of our therapists have completed their training in craniosacral bodywork and offer these treatments in our somamed therapy department.
The term "craniosacral" is composed of the Latin words for skull (cranium) and sacrum. In this holistic bodywork, regulatory processes are triggered through mindful touch.

Life in motion

During the application, the therapist gently makes contact with the body and follows a rhythm that is inherent in the body.
A constant movement can be perceived, a pulsation, an "opening and closing", which was called the "pulse of life" by its discoverer Andrew Taylor Still. Life as a whole is always in motion, in flux and in constant change.
"Life is movement", says Andrew Taylor Still.

Indications for craniosacral bodywork:

  • Structural disorders cannot be changed. Applications serve as complementary treatment to conventional medicine. This can improve the quality of life and reduce pain.
  • Functional complaints: can be treated well
  • Preventive applications to improve and maintain quality of life, e.g. for stress management.


  • Acute bleeding in the cranial region
  • Severe acute infection
  • Psychoses
  • Pregnancy in the first 3 months
  • Cancer


  • 60min: € 110,-