Bloodletting July 2023

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Purifying bloodletting was promoted and made known in Europe by Hildegard von Bingen. Long before "Hildegard bloodletting" was performed in Europe, "Ayurvedic bloodletting" was widespread in large parts of Asia.

Get rid of your old burdens
Throughout the body, metabolic waste products accumulate over the years, including in the blood. These can lead to adhesions, thick fluid, inflammation, etc. and thus damage arteries, veins and heart. These "old burdens" in the blood can be removed from the body in a completely natural way by means of bloodletting.

What is special about bloodletting in our practice
By following the procedure of "Hildegard bloodletting" (after the full moon, fasting, venous palpation) and using the most modern pricking technique (laminar needle), we guarantee in our practice a treatment that optimally combines the knowledge of traditional European medicine and modern technology with the most effective treatment methods of Ayurvedic medicine.


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