Strengthen the child's immune system


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

Strengthen the child's immune system

"Every autumn I am afraid of starting kindergarten and school. The children bring home every infection then," a concerned mother tells us.

How can you strengthen a child's immune system? Through Corona, a new awareness of hygiene rules has emerged. From our point of view, however, measures to strengthen the immune system are far too little known.

The child's immune system should of course be protected against serious infections. But it also needs the daily small challenges to learn how to protect the body. The body's "protective police", the immune system, needs training and appropriate vital substances to be able to fulfil its tasks throughout life.

Children and their immune systems have one thing in common: they have a lot to learn. Children learn by playing, in kindergarten and school. The immune system learns by coming into contact again and again with new germs from the environment and through this experience learns to protect the body better and better. Nutrition, eating habits, regeneration phases and food supplements are important resources for this.

Autumn brings new challenges

The cooler days are challenging for our body's ability to adapt. For the immune system of children and adolescents, it means getting to know and warding off new germs.

The child's immune system must develop specific immune defences during the first years of life. It learns to distinguish between harmless and pathogenic microorganisms. To do this, the immune system must come into contact with the "attacker" in order to form specific defence bodies. The immune memory can then recognise attackers again and destroy them quickly. The training of the immune system takes about the first 10 years of life.

The intestine - seat of the immune system

Ayurveda and modern medicine agree that the gut is the seat of the immune system. 70 - 80% of our immune performance is controlled by the intestine. This is true for children as well as for adults.

For this reason it is clear that intestinal care is to be equated with immune strengthening.

What do children need for this?


As varied and colourful a diet as possible. Colourful vegetables are rich in bioflavonoids, important nutrients for the immune system. Fibre from linseed, psyllium and apples is also important, as it provides a healthy breeding ground for the valuable intestinal flora. High-quality ghee should also be part of the diet. The butyrate (butyric acid) contained in it is an important nutrient for the guiding germs of the intestine.

Take breaks between meals:

In order to process the vital substances in food, the digestive system needs breaks. The rule of thumb for food-free time between meals is: 3 hours for infants, 4 hours for school children, 5 hours from puberty onwards. After breastfeeding, all children should fast between 7 pm and breakfast.

Many children are not hungry in the morning. If this is the case, do not force them to eat breakfast! Then school or kindergarten snack is the first meal.

Breaks for carefree play

Stress blocks the digestive and immune systems. All children need breaks for daydreaming and carefree play. These breaks must not be "played on" by electronic media, because these do not give the brain a break.


Homebodies often fall ill! Every child needs daily time for exercise in the fresh air.

Nutritional supplements:

In addition to a healthy diet and regular elimination, targeted supplements can offer valuable help.

  • Vitamin D: 1000 i.U. per 20kg body weight daily all year round.
  • Student rasayana: strengthens nerves, deepens recovery sleep (MA674 syrup for younger children, MA724 tablets for school children and students).
  • Multispectrum 24/7 Juice contains all the essential vitamins for mental and physical development.
  • MA505 Triphala Plus (powder or tablets): ensure regular bowel movements, effective detoxification of the intestines and liver.
  • For infections or defence in times of flu:
  • Bisept syrup for younger children
  • Septilin tablets for schoolchildren and students


The child's immune system is learning to assert itself in a "hostile" environment. To do this, it needs protection and challenges at the same time.

Protection is provided by proper nutrition and appropriate supplements.

Challenges come from exercise in the fresh air and social contacts.

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