Energetic through autumn - 5 tips for more energy


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

Energetic through autumn - 5 tips for more energy

How can we stay fresh and energised year in, year out?

Tiredness and lack of energy are common reasons to study Ayurveda. Increasing vital energy is a declared goal of Ayurvedic medicine.

One thing must be clear: we have natural phases of life with more or less energy. But we should make sure that we never become exhausted. When we are tired, we need time for rest and regeneration. In order to always be full of energy, we need to use our energy resources wisely.

Joy and love are the greatest sources of energy in the relative realm of life. When we enjoy an activity, when we do what we love, when we surround ourselves with people we like and appreciate, then we experience that we do not get tired. Organising our lives in such a way that we do the things we enjoy with people we love is an important task in order to create the conditions for an energetic life. This should be our medium and long-term goal. As soon as we have achieved this, many things in life become easier and more enjoyable, tiredness and exhaustion diminish or disappear completely.

What small steps can we take until we have organised our lives in this way? Read some simple tips here:


"I'm too tired to move!" This is a complaint we often hear. From an Ayurvedic point of view, however, Kapha increases when we move too little or not at all. And an excess of Kapha leads to even more tiredness. This creates a downward spiral leading to deep depression and metabolic disorders.

We need some exercise to keep our mind and body energised. Regeneration and detoxification are triggered by movement, the digestive fire Agni, which is also responsible for motivation, is stimulated. It doesn't really take much movement to achieve this effect: the sun salutation "Surya Namaskar" right after getting up in the morning, a short brisk walk at any time of the day, a few yoga asanas or strength exercises twice a week are enough as basic training to keep the body juices flowing and create energy.

Lunch break

Breaks enable regeneration. When Pitta is at its highest at midday, it is advisable to take a break from all activities and eat the main meal of the day. If we follow this, we can regenerate and supply the body with vital substances at the time of best digestion in one process.

(Transcendental) meditation

Inner peace and clarity of thought reflect an energised and alert mind. With these qualities, wishes and goals can be realised more easily.

Transcendental meditation is the simplest and most effective way to achieve peaceful alertness. With 15 - 20 minutes of effortless meditation twice a day, we top up our energy tanks.



Restful sleep, like transcendental meditation, is an essential source of vital energy.
The Ayurvedic "dosha clock" tells us that we absolutely need sleep before midnight to keep all the body's energy circuits in balance.

We need one phase each of Vata, Pitta and Kapha when we are awake and when we are asleep in order to maintain a healthy energy balance.

Ayurvedic medicinal herbs

The herbal blend "Energy plus" contains the two roots ashwagandha (winter cherry) and shatavari (Indian asparagus), both of which have a grounding, nourishing, calming and hormonally balancing effect.
These herbal capsules can be used in different ways depending on the time of day when we feel low in energy.

Poor sleep: 2 capsules of energy plus before sleep, 2 more if sleep is interrupted
Daytime tiredness and concentration problems: 2 capsules of Energy plus twice a day after breakfast and dinner
Hormonal imbalance: 2 capsules in the morning, 2 before sleep


The greatest sources of energy are joy and love. We should constantly work on organising our everyday lives in such a way that we experience lasting joy and love in our activities and our fellow human beings.

On the way to this lofty goal, we should do everything we can to nourish our "energy account". Our 5 recommendations are sure to help!

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