Immune system - Interview with Jana Schachinger


Jana Schachinger

Immune system - Interview with Jana Schachinger

What measures strengthen the immune system?

There are many. I will list a few

  • A healthy diet
  • Drinking enough
  • Exercise in the fresh air
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Reduce or avoid alcohol

These points also cover the 5 pillars of health that Dr. Schachinger has worked out.

In what way?

4 of Dr. Schachinger's 5 pillars of health are extremely important for our immune system. These are nutrition, purification, relaxation and exercise. The fifth pillar, "life goals", is particularly important for our mental health.

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How do you integrate these pillars into your daily life?

I try to live the 5 pillars every day. Of course, this doesn't always work 100%, but it works quite well.

When it comes to nutrition, it is not only important to me what I eat (regional, seasonal, organic), but also how (calm environment, full attention to hunger and satiety) and when (2-3 meals at regular times, not too late. The break between meals is also particularly important to me - especially between the last meal in the evening and the next morning.

I detoxify on a small daily basis by taking Triphala pro in the evening. The meal breaks stimulate autophagy and are therefore also a small daily purification. I do a cleanse 3 times a year with our webinars. I am a speaker as well as a participant in each live webinar.

I try to integrate relaxation into my everyday life with breathing exercises, i.e. pranayama, yoga and meditation (TM). Admittedly, this is what I find most difficult. But relaxation also includes good, restful sleep. I notice that I sleep much better when I eat well and don't eat my last meal of the day after 6 pm.

Daily exercise is very important to me, although I often get less exercise during the working week than at the weekend. I go for a brisk walk almost every day. When I have more time, I also like to go cycling, hiking or swimming.

Should you only take care of your immune system in autumn or is it something for the whole year?

In summer, you usually have something else on your mind. Summer, sun, holidays, balmy nights, good food. With the first cool weather, we are reminded again that autumn is coming and that we should do something to prevent getting sick. Of course, it would be advisable to take care of your health and thus also your immune system throughout the year.

It is always said that "the immune system is located in the intestine" - why is that?

With its huge surface area, the intestine is the seat of the immune system and has three important barriers against pathogens. The intestinal mucosa, the microbiome ("gut flora") and the gut-associated immune system (GALT). If we are ill, we usually notice immediately that our digestive system is also no longer functioning properly. In Ayurveda, the functioning of all excretions (malas) and thus the daily bowel movement is a basic requirement for a person to be considered healthy.

In order to optimally support intestinal health and thus also the immune system, we have spent a year developing a product. Triphala pro.

How does the immune system work?

Our immune system is a very complex system. In short, our immune system is already strengthened, built up and working in the womb or through birth, (mother's) milk or the first months of life. Almost everything around our body attacks it, viruses, dust, fungi, bacteria etc..

Our body works constantly and mostly without us noticing against all these attacks. However, external influences are not fended off by one organ or system alone, but function in a complex interplay. For example, we also have our skin and mucous membranes that protect us, fine hairs that keep our nose and respiratory tract clean, tears that wash our eyes clean of staff, etc. However, if something foreign enters our body, cells and organs have ways of protecting themselves against intruders or incorrectly programmed cells.

Because this system is so complex, you can't just say, for example, I do something for my intestines and already I have a healthy immune system. You have to look at the body as a whole and create a healthy and long-lasting basis with sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc. If this complex interplay is disturbed, the immune system is destroyed. If this complex interaction is disturbed, we are sick more often and infections can last longer or be more serious.

How can the immune system be strengthened in the long term?

Ayurveda works holistically, as already mentioned. In Dr. Schachinger's practice, a comprehensive blood analysis is carried out before any dietary supplements or infusions are administered in order to find out about vitamin, nutrient or mineral deficiencies. Only then will a recommendation be made for taking food supplements, carrying out a cure, administering infusions or recommendations for dietary or lifestyle changes. Every person reacts differently to environmental influences and is individual, so it is important to look at the whole body and lifestyle.

If you would like to take immediate action on your own, I would advise you to take our herbal detox in spring and autumn. Also try to incorporate "healthy" habits into your daily routine. Drink warm ginger-honey water in the morning after getting up, reduce your caffeine consumption, get out into the fresh air every day. If you don't have time for a proper exercise session, at least try to take a brisk walk every day, 15 minutes is better than nothing. When you eat, pay attention to how hungry and full you feel and be mindful. Don't eat too late and too heavy in the evening or swap your evening meal for a warm turmeric milk. Put away your mobile phone more often and swap the evening film for a book. Maybe you can do some stretching exercises before bed and feel your body before you go to bed before 10pm. None of this sounds exciting, but in the long run it makes the difference between a healthy or weakened immune system.

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