Marmas and Shrotas - the secret of the energy channels


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

Marmas and Shrotas - the secret of the energy channels

In Ayurveda, the most subtle life energy is called prana. We absorb prana through the air we breathe. This energy is essential for life. When we are tired or ill, the cause is very often a blockage in the body that prevents the flow of prana.

Marma therapy is the best way to restore the free flow of prana. Marma therapy is one of our guests' favourite treatments at Haus soma. During the treatment, a deep sense of calm is created. Very often, pain, discomfort, tiredness or worries seem to disappear after the treatment.

Ancient tradition

In the classical Ayurvedic texts, the secret of the Marmas (energy switching points) and Shrotas (energy channels) is dealt with in a very abstract way. The oldest texts warn against injuring the marma points of the body, because such an injury can lead to serious and permanent damage. Over the millennia, marma therapy was primarily part of the art of war and military medicine. Being able to heal the injured was a high art that was highly regarded in ancient times.

In South India, the "Kalari tradition" combines martial arts and marma massage. Marma treatments are primarily used to prevent illness and keep the body supple. However, very strong, often painful pressure is applied to the marma points during these treatments.

Maharishi Sukshma Marma Therapy

Dr Wolfgang Schachinger and above all Dr Ernst Schrott have been involved with the Marmas since around the year 2000. Their interest was awakened during a Kalari massage in South India. The Marma points were pressed so hard that they caused severe pain. Nevertheless, there was no denying that this treatment had a certain effect.

Dr Ernst Schrott began to visit various Marma experts and gather more and more knowledge on the subject. From the point of view of Maharishi's Vedic science, the intensely painful application of Marma could not be entirely correct. Dr Schrott found through intensive research that a gentle treatment of the Marma points was more effective than the powerful one. He increasingly refined and systematised this subtle (Sanskrit: sukshma) Marma therapy and gave it a worthy place in Maharishi Ayurveda.

Prana energy for vitality

We absorb the cosmic life energy "prana" with the air we breathe. Prana is distributed throughout the body through fine channels known as "Prana-Vaha-Shrotas". These channels form a fine network throughout the body. In this network, there are switching points and switches known as "marma".

Stress, environmental toxins, the body's own waste products (ama) and mechanical influences such as scars can block the shrotas and marmas. As a result, certain parts of the body are no longer properly supplied with energy. Energy blockages in the shrotas and marmas can lead to a build-up of energy and heat on one side of the blockage and to cold and emptiness on the other side of the interruption. This can cause general fatigue, but very often also localised pain or inflammation.

Cutting off the supply of fresh pranic energy leads to severe loss of vitality.

Maharishi Sukshma Marma Therapy in soma

Maharishi Sukshma Marma treatments play an important role at soma. They are administered by our excellently trained Maharishi Ayurveda therapists. The treatments take place in silence.

Beforehand, the attending physician determines a concept for the marma therapy based on the pulse diagnosis and the symptoms. The therapists then implement this programme.

Marma treatments are available for a wide range of indications:

  • Back and joint pain
  • Neck and headaches
  • Impairment of the sensory organs such as dizziness, odour and taste disorders...
  • Asthma and allergies, sinus problems
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver disorders
  • Inner restlessness and sleep disorders
  • Tiredness and lack of energy
  • ...

Procedure of a Marma therapy

Sukshma Marma therapy is carried out in a quiet, comfortable environment while lying down. Where possible, women are treated by female therapists and men by male therapists. In silence and tranquillity, the selected Marma points are worked on very gently with selected essential oils in circular or elongated strokes. This feels more like stroking than massaging.

The initial reaction is often: "Is that all?" After a few minutes, most patients are so relaxed that they find it difficult to follow the therapist's treatment steps. Deep relaxation sets in and remains even after the 30 - 60-minute treatment. After Marma Therapy, each patient rests for another 10 minutes to stabilise the therapeutic effect.

Read here how Mrs Maria L. experienced her Marma treatment: "For me, the Marma therapy was the highlight of my Pancha Karma treatment. For years I had suffered from heart palpitations at the slightest excitement. My daily routine was also clouded by severe fatigue. During the Marma therapy, I experienced deep calm every time. I think I even dozed off several times. During the resting phase after the treatment, I fell into a short deep sleep. I felt so refreshed and much more stable afterwards. My palpitations have also hardly occurred since then. The Marma treatment felt unimpressive, but had a profound and long-lasting effect."

Maharishi Sukshma Marma treatments are offered at Haus soma both on an outpatient basis and as part of inpatient cures.

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