Our thermal healing water - a great enrichment for soma


Our thermal healing water - a great enrichment for soma

Heat applications are an essential part of the Pacha Karma cure. They lead to the opening of the shrotas (finest body channels). A thermal bath with our thermal water from the Dreikönigsquelle Haag is ideal for this.

Our thermal water, which has stored warmth and tranquillity at a depth of 2000m for thousands of years, is a special highlight of deep relaxation for most Pancha Karma guests.

Stages of Ayurvedic cleansing therapy

The following sequence is traditionally followed in Ayurvedic purification therapy:

Snehana (internal and external oiling), Svedana (overheating), Shodana (purging).

After the oiling, heat is applied either to the whole body or only to a specific part of the body. The oils used in the incredibly soothing and ordering Ayurvedic massages loosen hardening and tense tissues. They dissolve toxins that have been deposited for years and other stressful substances that can lead to illness and premature ageing.

Effect of heat therapy

These dissolved waste products can best be removed from the affected tissues via the blood and lymph. The application of heat dilates the blood and lymph vessels so that this removal can take place without blockages.

Many of these waste products are acidic and cause an over-acidification of our body environment. This over-acidification impedes normal metabolic processes.

Thermal water with "buffer effect

According to balneochemical research, soma's thermal water is a sodium hydrogen carbonate chloride mineral thermal water. Due to this composition, our thermal water has a deacidifying effect. The sodium bicarbonate contained has a so-called "buffer effect", it neutralises acids.

After the Ayurvedic oil synchronous massage, which dissolves the acid metabolic waste products from the tissues, our patients are given a tub bath with our thermal water. This causes the required overheating to take place. In addition, the minerals naturally present in the thermal water are absorbed through the skin and can render the acid metabolic waste products harmless.


Scientifically recognised effects of our healing water

Bathing cures with mineral thermal waters can be carried out for the following illnesses:

  • Chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Post-traumatic damage to the musculoskeletal system;
  • paralysis of various origins;
  • Neurovegetative regulatory disorders;
  • Functional cardiovascular diseases;
  • Neuralgia;
  • Complaints of old age;

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