Video interview: Ayurveda in person

Talk with Dr Ulrich Bauhofer "Energy Management"


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

Video interview: Ayurveda in person

Talk with Dr Ulrich Bauhofer "Energy Management"

Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger talks in our interview series "Ayurveda personally" this time with Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer from Munich. Dr. Bauhofer is known as an Ayurveda expert and book author throughout the German-speaking world.

Guidance to more life energy

Topic of the conversation: "Energy management". Dr. Bauhofer argues that only with a balanced energy budget is it possible not only to survive everyday life, but also to be happy and successful.

Mehr-Energie-Ulrich-BauhoferIn its new book „more energy“ describes the best-selling author in the 1. chapter "the space between". This refers to the seemingly empty space between things, in which all changes take place and from which we draw our energy. In the further chapters he presents "energy thieves and energy donors". In a questionnaire the reader can test his energy score and find out weaknesses in his energy supply.

Practical tips for implementation

This is followed by many practical tips on how to improve the flow of energy. And this is not the same for everyone, but individualized according to the Ayurvedic principle of the three doshas. To make the whole thing practical, the reader is guided in the book to an energy roadmap, which can be checked with the help of an energy account.

The book reads easily, and the many quotes and examples from modern science and ancient texts make it an almost inexhaustible source of practical life philosophy. A must for anyone who wants to successfully enjoy life with ease!

Energy instead of fatigue

Chronic fatigue is one of the very common subjective complaints for which modern medicine very often has no causal therapy. This book gives competent advice on how to overcome fatigue and move through life full of energy by purposefully alternating rest and activity and by using the 10 energy dispensers. 

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