Strengthen the immune system in autumn


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger

Strengthen the immune system in autumn

Anyone who follows the current infection figures has already noticed: it is getting cooler and the number of new illnesses caused by infections is increasing.

Maharishi Ayurveda's approach to susceptibility to illness caused by the change of seasons is: strengthen the immune system!

Change of season strains regulatory capacity

Every transition from one season to another puts a strain on our body. The regulatory capacity is put to the test by the changed climatic factors. If the organism is already stretched to the limit by stress, lack of regeneration, too little sleep, emotionally stressful situations or unprocessed food, there is no energy left to cope with the changed environmental conditions. Cold, reduced sunlight, rain and fog can then tip the regulatory balance.

Our sense of happiness also depends to a large extent on our ability to regulate. When all regulatory circuits are working well, we feel relaxed and happy.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere. However, if we are weakened and at the same time exposed to a high number of germs in the air we breathe, the body can no longer maintain the balance. In such a situation, even a small exposure to germs can be enough to trigger an infection.

Ama as a breeding ground for germs

Ayurveda sees the accumulation of "ama" - undigested food and experiences - as the trigger for acute and chronic diseases.

Ama is constantly produced in our body in small amounts. The heavier the food, the later the evening meal and the greater the stress load, the less able the organism is to process and eliminate these stressful substances.

Accumulated ama is the ideal breeding ground for germs. All disease-causing viruses and bacteria can multiply particularly well when ama has accumulated over months and years.

Seasonal peaks of illness

The climatic changes in autumn and spring are commonly known triggers for waves of infection. When ama load and seasonal change coincide, the risk of a more or less serious infectious disease is greatest.

The Ayurvedic solution

The classical Ayurvedic texts prescribe a purification cure for each change of season. Each of these purification therapies reduces the stored ama in the body and opens the communication channels of the organism. This achieves two effects: the germs lack a breeding ground (ama) and the regulation that takes place in the communication channels functions optimally again.

Our recommendation

We would be happy to accompany you on a cleansing cure in autumn. The optimal solution we can offer is a Pancha Karma cleansing cure in soma.


We are aware that this is not possible in terms of time or space for a large segment of the population. Our offer for all is the Winterfit webinar. The course of the webinar and the nutritional supplements it contains are specifically designed to strengthen the immune system in autumn and to nourish the nervous system in the darker months of the year.

There are still places available! Registration deadline is 16 October 2023.

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